Thursday, 22 January 2015

Week Three

Day 15

I've started to make my very first string of bunting

Day 16

Came across this outside a shop in Chinn's Court, which used to be a butcher's yard.

Day 17

The jigsaw puzzle is complete

Day 18.

This is Maisie, all ready for our trip to deepest, darkest Devon. And look at the brickwork, while I'm away it will be cleaned up - keep an eye open for Day 22.

Day 19

The view from the kitchen window of the house where I am staying - the roof you can see is a summerhouse, not a neighbour.

Day 20

Walking the dogs with my cousin.

Day 21

I stopped in Honiton on my way back home, and saw this outside the toyshop

How was your week?

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