Thursday, 8 January 2015

The First Week

Day 1

New Years Day, and I'm pleased to announce that I didn't drink a whole bottle of wine last night!

 Day 2

And so onto my first positive step of 2015, I've enrolled at Slimming World.

Day 3

Second positive step, I've made a start on sorting my wardrobes.

 Day 4

I made an early morning trip out to the chalet at the end of the garden, and was really delighted to see how warm and inviting my kitchen looks from outside.

 Day 5

This picture may not look very exciting to you, but to me it is the beginning of the end of the kitchen works, the new piece of solid wood worktop has received its first coat of wood oil.

Day 6

Mother Nature knows that spring isn't too far away

 Day 7

This is the year that we tackle the garden, I wonder where these lovely pebbles, which are currently sitting in a pile at the side of the house, will end up.

How was your first week of 2015?


  1. Great photos and a great way to share them Joy. I may join you in this, i have been writing morning pages and mulling over how to use my 365 photos. I want to get started again this year and to commit to a way of doing something with them as it lacks meaning to have them just sitting on the computer. Thank you for inspiring me and I look forward to following your weekly post. Love the new work top by the way, good luck with your projects and plans x

  2. Love the numbers, that will be another fun thing for you to do and I look forward to seeing all the different places you find them

  3. Great start and selection. X