Saturday, 5 May 2012


Elephants on the lounge windowsill - yes, I know there is an ethical thing about ebony and ivory, but these have been in his family for generations, and they are beautifully crafted. 


  1. Lovely Joy - your plant survived the move then

  2. I had all the plants, apart from a couple of really tall ones, in the back of my car!

  3. I do love your elephants. Amazing, isn't it, what we now have the need to explain about our lives, choices, possessions...we do live in a world that has a burning desire to be politically correct! I was using old fur pieces for trim when making some "old world St. Nicks" and a coworker was totally appalled that I'd use real mink. I just figured it couldn't get any less dead than it was when they made the coat 50 years ago! I really thought I should have been given a pat on the back for recycling!! Geeeeeee....what a world we live in (but it's the only one we've got, right?)