Thursday, 12 February 2015

Week Six

Day 36

A very cold morning, the roof of my car covered in beautifully patterned frost

 Day 37

Work continues to complete the renovations to the Esso petrol station at the bottom of our road, it is scheduled to re-open later this month 

Day 38

Blueberries, 100% extra free, don't mind if I do.

 Day 39

Cod and Mediterranean vegetable bake, a new recipe for me, very yummy.

Day 40

This poor little crocosmia, in a pot in the conservatory, is obviously very confused about which month it is!

Day 41

A burst water main being fixed as we walk home from shopping.

Day 42

Just look at this fantastic Zentangle drawing sent to me by Fat Dormouse with whom I was partnered in Mad About Bags "Send a little Love swap"

How was your week?


  1. Is it easy or hard to find all the numbers for each picture and how many have you got in advance? Aren't I nosey.

  2. Mum, as I wander round with my camera I look for numbers, some specific, some general. I always like to have at least two weeks worth in advance, but I also already have loads of random numbers going right through and up to 361 (The A road that runs from Rugby to Barnstaple through Wiltshire). I try not to have too many from the same source, like car number plates, house numbers, price labels etc. but I do know that if I'm stuck for one I can find a book page or similar if necessary.